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tidbit collective

tidbit collective is a women-led collective co-founded and directed by Sabrina Canas, Olivia Rousey, and Taylor Woodie that is engaged with methods of worldbuilding as a means to reconstruct the everyday. Our work architects spaces and tableaus of possibility using the conditions of performance as an indicator of reality. We use the generational consumption and digestion of media paired with our individual and collective subscriptions to pop culture as a main source of material for our work. This work relies on the inherent familiarity and shared experience of pop culture to reach and take care of audiences. 


A tidbit work is playful, physical, and self aware. We prioritize indulging in tangents, experiencing full body curiosity, committing to bits, and having omnipotent presence on the truth to non truth spectrum. The work understands and checks itself, constantly responding to place, the experience of being seen, and other changing conditions such as the people in the room, the current news cycle, and recent music video and dance trends. tidbit’s work is a collage of performative dance, voice, sound, text, and other mediums deployed at will to challenge, nurture, and shatter ideas.

We believe that movement transforms our fundamental relationships to our bodies and the world around us by challenging the cadence of capitalist rhythms. tidbit collective is a space for reshaping our understanding of the inevitable and the expected. It is indulgent of big dreams and held together by a vibrant shared history and generous energetic exchange. Our identities as queer, Gen Z artists inform this mission and the experiences that live in our archive.


As artists, we are curious about ways to maximize referential impact and the implications of connecting or excluding an audience based on what we consider to be “universal”. One’s level of understanding of pop culture touches on not only how “online” one is, but also from which sources they get their information, how quickly those sources generate and metabolize trends/ news/ etc, and the embodied traces of the ephemeral, which live on in memory (“I’ve definitely heard this song before”, or “this reminds me of that thing I read…”). Our work lives somewhere within these lines.

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