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tidbit collective

tidbit collective is a women-led collective co-founded and directed by Sabrina Canas, Olivia Rousey, and Taylor Woodie that is engaged with methods of worldbuilding as a means to reconstruct the everyday. Our work architects spaces and tableaus of possibility using the conditions of performance as an indicator of reality. We use the generational consumption and digestion of media paired with our individual and collective subscriptions to pop culture as a main source of material for our work. This work relies on the inherent familiarity and shared experience of pop culture to reach and take care of audiences. Our identities as queer, Gen Z artists inform this mission and the experiences that live in our archive. tidbit’s work is a collage of performative dance, voice, sound, text, and other mediums deployed at will to challenge, nurture, and shatter ideas.

Henning Rübsam for Dance Enthusiast

"While voices tell stories, movement divulges feeling and fantasy. The tidbit collective convinces with nimble fluency."


self titled (braid) at 14th Street Y for Pioneers Go East Collective

pool loop at SAA

the gap at 28th Street Theatre (TADA) for Spark Theater Festival + LaMama for EstroGenius 2024 EXPAND

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