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Sabrina Canas (she/her) is a first generation Argentine American artist based in Brooklyn, NY. She holds her BFA in Dance from the University of the Arts (UArts), where she performed works by Jesse Zaritt, Netta Yerushalmy, Helen Simoneau, Marguerite Hemmings, Beth Gill, Sidra Bell, and others. In January 2018, she performed and attended the International Association for Blacks in Dance Conference in Los Angeles, California, under the direction of Tommie-Waheed Evans and Kim Bears-Bailey, and in November 2018, Sabrina produced and presented an immersive installation performance in Solmssen Court, under the direction of Niall Jones. Since moving to Brooklyn, Sabrina has presented a collaborative duet at The Craft, performed at BAM Fisher, 92nd Street NY, Triskelion Arts, Flushing Town Hall, and NOD Theater (SEA). She has been featured in music videos for jazz musician Tony Glausi, When It All Comes Crashing Down in 2021, and Raia Was, Playing God Again in 2023. Sabrina is currently collaborating and performing with Kinesis Project, SAXYN Dance Works and HB² PROJECTS among other independent project based artists in New York. She has shown work at The 14th St. Y, La Mama for EstroGenuis Expand, 28th Street Theatre (TADA!), SAA, and MOtiVE with tidbit collective  as the co-director.

Sabrina is a Production Assistant at Triskelion Arts and served as stage manager for NVA & Guests at the Dance Managers Collective 2024 APAP Showcases at Ailey Citigroup Theater. She was the lighting designer and board operator for Yak Milk at Arts On Site in May 2024. 

I believe that identity shifts depending on the conditions that one is surrounded by. Thinking about my parent’s roots, how I identify myself would drastically shift had I been born and raised in Argentina, the home country of my entire family. This sense of lost identity hits me very often. I am Argentine American, but my Spanish is broken. I do not know a lot of Argentine history that affected my family directly. I identify with an American western way of living and thinking. I question American politics with an understanding of Argentine politics as told by my father. I am neither here nor there, but I am both of these identities. I find that I cannot disconnect myself from my work. No matter how much I layer onto myself, I cannot physically or mentally remove myself from my practice. Within trying to dig up more of myself by consistently putting myself on top of myself, I often come to this place of unrooted-ness. I am sometimes so obsessed with freeing myself or feeling free, that I try to find myself by placing myself in different conditions. No matter where I currently stand, I am always dreaming about being somewhere else, experiencing something else or meeting someone else. I consider how my work is affected by the conditions in which it is performed, practiced and viewed. Does it truly matter where or when I perform? Does it make a difference if I create a work in one space, but practice it or perform it in another? I am always feeling unrooted from where I am therefore my solo work is unrooted and adaptable.
How can I train my body into malleability?

                                                                                                                                                                Photo by David Flores

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